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300 Tang Poems

Born in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province in 1921, he graduated from the Southwest Associated Universi...[more]

2013-06-17 ISBN:978-7-5085-2191-6

China Intercontinental Press

Chinese Furniture: exploring China's furniture culture

Dr. Zhang Xiaoming is an associate professor of the Art School of Shandong University of Technology....[more]

2010-08-05 ISBN:9787508513201

China Intercontinental Press

Chinese Literature: from The Book of Songs to A Dream of Red Mansions

Dr.Yao Dan, Dean of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature Teaching and Research Office at Schoo...[more]

2010-12-13 ISBN:9787508509730

China Intercontinental Press

Chinese Myths & Legends: legends of the universe, deities, and heroes

Dr. Chen Lianshan is an associate professor at Peking University, the director of the Teaching and R...[more]

2010-08-05 ISBN:9787508513225

China Intercontinental Press

Chinese Characters

Han Jiantang is a professor of Chinese language in Tianjin Normal University. He has been teaching C...[more]

2010-08-05 ISBN:9787508513409

China Intercontinental Press

Vernacular Dwelling

2011-01-11 ISBN:978-7-5085-0369-1

China Intercontinental Press

Understanding China

2009-09-01 ISBN:978-7-5085-1214-3

China Intercontinental Press

Chinese Foods

2007-10-25 ISBN:7-5085-0613-8

China Intercontinental Press