About us

Shanghai Century Publishing Co., Ltd was self-restructured from Shanghai Century Publishing Group in November 2005. We have 29 affiliates and subsidiaries, and our products include books, magazines, newspapers, media holdings and e-books. We also have businesses in such relevant fields as book distribution, wholesale, retailing, logistics and CD copying. We set it as our mission "to be the backbone of Chinese culture for generations to come".

Our company has 6 product categories, namely school education, higher education, historical accounts, dictionaries, mass publishing and professional publishing. We publish more than 8,000 book titles annually, leading in many subsections of Chinese book market. We have 15 publishing units, which compile and publish books.

Besides books, we are also strong in the magazine and newspaper markets. We have 50 magazines and newspapers focusing on the following 3 product lines: fashion, economics and education. These include popular brands ...

Contact us

  • Publish Address:25F,193 Fujian Road (Middle),Century Publishing Building,Shanghai,China
  • ZipCode:200001
  • Contact Name:Liu Qiti
  • Tel:+86 20 53594508-2612, 63914126,63914127,
  • FAX:+86 20 63914537-24
  • Email:dwhzc@sppa.gov.cn
  • Website:http://www.sjfx.com/