China Children's Press & Publication Group Co., Ltd.

China Children's Press & Publication Group Co., Ltd (CCPPG) was jointly established by Chinese Teenagers News agency and China Children's Publishing House in 2000. Being the oldest press and publishing organization for Children, CCPPG has the most comprehensive publications and thus the strongest presence in children publishing industry in China, with the overall economic output ranking the first among all the children's books publishing organizations across the country.

CCPPG publishes over 1500 titles annually with over 600 new titles, covering a full range of picture books, story books, comics, fictions and non-fictions, activity books, etc. All the original books are well received by readers for the high quality. CCPPG is also proud of being the Chinese publisher of The adventure of Tintin, works by Astrid Lindgren, Le Petit Nicolas series as well as the picture book series named World Library which brings some of the best international picture books to Chinese young readers.CCPPG also publishes 5 newspapers and 13 magazines, such as Chinese Teenagers News, Children’s Literature, Pre-School Pictorial and Babies’ Pictorial etc., with annual circulation of over 140 million copies in total. In more than 60 years of its development, CCPPG has attracted and cultivated a large number of outstanding editorial and publishing talents, accumulated a number of well-known authors, and made significant contributions to the children's publishing industry in China.

CCPPG has run the largest national central news website for Chinese minors called The Future (, which is also the official website of China Young Pioneers Working Committee, as well as its own business portal website called Chinese Teenagers Online ( In order to adapt to the new era, CCPPG has currently transformed from a content provider into content service provider. A variety of digital publications, videos and game products have accordingly been launched. The five wholly-owned subsidiaries of CCPPG are engaged in the management of educational books and reading promotion.

CCPPG is the lead organization of the Professionals’ Association of China Children’s Press, Working Committee for Children of Publishers Association of China, and CBBY.